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Computer Store

 Sales and Business Development Consultancy

Expert Guidance

This service range concentrates improving the Sales and Business Development capabilities for the clients to boost their Revenue and revenue streams.  We  are offering a service where he will help clients for

  • Assessing the existing Sales, Marketing and Business Development methodology

  • transform their messaging to customers

  • Building Qualitative and Quantitative Value Propositions and Return on Investment models

  • Transforming their Sales and Business Development Methodology

  • Support in recruiting the new Sales Reps 

  • Give necessary Sales Trainings to the teams

  • Support on extending their Sales Pipeline using K-Sell’s existing customer connections.

  • Managing the Sales Teams if the clients desire that

International Expansion Consultancy

Grow Your Business

We are providing in-depth in International Expansion based on our experience.  The main components are understanding of the your plans and requirements and supporting you through your global expansion goals. This particular service is  for the Information Technology and Telecommunication suppliers, SMEs and start-ups.  International expansion management and consultancy is a core skill of us, we able to use the analyse, plan, recommend the plan and even execute the International Expansion goals of yours 

            The services contained in this area are as follows: 

·      Understanding the requirements and target markets of the clients’ management for International expansion

·      Assessment of the Client’s business and organization 

·      Presenting the client, the Assessment Report and recommendations

·      Planning to execution plan

·      Execution of the plan including

◦      Improve or creating the International Marketing plan

◦      Organization Development

◦      Recruiting or training personnel

◦      Initiating the discussions with existing selectedX's customer base

◦      Support or execute the Sales initiatives internationally.

Startup Development Team
Startup Development Team

Project Management Consultancy Services

Ensure Delivery

You might need to hire independent Project Managers, making sure that projects are delivered on-time and in budget with specialized skill sets.  Using external specialists delivers budget savings and expedites projects without the need to train and develop existing staff.  selectedX is offering his specialized skill set to clients, targeting his services for end to end complete project management and consultancy. 

            Project Managers are in demand in the world, boost by new and emerging technology and demands for fast, instant results in an ever-changing IT and Telecommunication landscape.  Eren through the company can take a lead Project Management service to clients or provide ad-hoc services on complex IT and Telecommunication elements within existing projects.  

Under this category selectedX Consultancy will provide,

  • Project Management Consultancy Service

  • Leadership and Management Service

Services: Services
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